• Acnessential Niacinamide Cream – Acne Remover and Skin Whitening

    As much as we try to hide or deny it, our physical appearance matters. It is important to look your best whether you are going on a date, attending your daughter’s wedding or a one-on-one interview for a job application. The main problem is that our face is often exposed to different things that it can have a negative effect on our skin. We can get acne, pimples, blemishes and wrinkles to name a few skin problems. These skin conditions are prevalent on our faces which makes it worse because that’s the first thing people look at when we meet and talk to them.

    Thankfully, there is a product you can use that can remove acne problems and keep those ugly skin blemishes at bay. The Acnessential niacinamide cream product is today’s leading acne remover, moisturizer and skin whitening product that’s affordable and safe to use. Its secret is the amazing 4% niacinamide that has been proven over the years by various scientific studies to be an effective and safe product for the skin.

    Acnessential is perfect for treating pimples and acne problems because of niacinamide’s anti-inflammatory properties. In a study conducted at the New York University College of Medicine by Shalita AR, et al on June 1995 proved that 4% niacinamide used topically as cream is just as effective as 1% clindamycin. However, unlike clindamycin, niacinamide does not have adverse effects like an allergic reaction or irritation.

    Acnessential is also a great moisturizer for acne. As it promotes the healing and prevention of pimples, it also brings back the lost moisture that your skin needs to nourish and protect itself from the environment. Because of the niacinamide in Acnessential, your skin receives valuable vitamins which promote skin repair and cell growth. This means that as you use Acnessential, you also heal up your scars and marks left by the acne. It can also reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles which makes it a great anti-aging cream as well!

    Usually, acne scars leave our skin discolored where in the area where the pimple was will leave a darker, brownish patch on your face which leaves it looking dull and uneven. Acnessential Niacinamide cream is also the perfect product to get rid of that problem by whitening your skin. In a study conducted by Hakozaki T, Minwalla L, Zhuang J et al (July 2002), they found out that niacinamide is effective as a topical cream when it comes to reducing cutaneous pigmentation and suppression of melanosome transfer. So, through regular use of Acnessential on your face you can not only even out your skin tone, but also whiten your skin complexion overall.

    Acnessential is an amazing product when it comes to acne removal and skin whitening. It has been tested continuously by many skin experts. It has been constantly the leading recommendation for treating acne because it is gentle enough to be used on any type of skin and does not yield any undesired effects. Acnessential Niacinamide skin cream is the perfect product to try out today if you really want to get rid of those pimples and acne scars.